The A&E case or the Sportsman case offers a lighter weight option at approximately seven (7) pounds.  The lid of the A&E case and interior include exposed oak that has been finished to a rich golden color.  The lid of the Sportsman case is leather wrapped and does not include the oak trim.  Each case is wrapped with 3-5 oz. premium leather.  The exterior corners of the cases are secured with six screw brass corners.  The interior includes your choice of wool or ultra suede lining and is available in a variety of colors.  Each interior includes an oil bottle compartment and an additional compartment which may be lidded or open.

 A&E Case: Exposed Oak Trim on Lid of Case.  

 Sportsmen Case: Leather Wrapped Lid of Case. 

 Both Cases Have The Same Style Exterior 

Safari Cases

An old world traditional case, with removable tray.  Case can be custom built to hold one to four firearms.